Technical Support

This page was updated 9/10/20.

Emergencies related to severe weather or a health crisis can result in an increased number of students working remotely. The Keep Working site provides links to the technology-related resources that can assist students to continue their work no matter where they are located for the remainder of the Spring semester.

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For immediate technical assistance:

Contact the OIT Service Desk through the web, by email ( or by phone: (919) 684-2200.

Technical access issues:

If your computer is out of commission or you are experiencing wi-fi access issues, you can try contacting OIT-Help desk or The LINK for suggestions. The LINK offers a limited number of short term laptop loans if you have a Duke-purchased laptop under warranty that requires repair. If you have a non-Duke purchased laptop or are out of warranty, ask if there are any available Chromebook short term loans while you figure out what you are going to do. If you have a wifi issue, you can also contact your internet provider to see what they recommend.

If you are an undergraduate student with high financial need who is experiencing technology access problems, please fill out this form for Fall 2020 assistance requests (loaner laptops or WIFI hotspots): There is a limited supply. The group working on this attempts to respond to requests within 48 hours (approve/deny). Due to stocking issues, getting the equipment to you takes longer, but expected arrival dates will be communicated to you.

Undergraduates can also check Trinity College’s interactive computer classroom (ICCs), or classrooms equipped with student workstations, an instructor console, course-specific software, and specialized multimedia equipment: Old Chemistry 201, Smith Warehouse Multimedia Lab ,LINK Classroom #6. ICCs are currently scheduled by the Registrar’s Office, with priority in scheduling determined by the needs of any courses. Each ICC space has been reviewed to address social distancing like all the classrooms in Trinity A&S. Capacities have been reduced with computers and seats adjusted (or removed) accordingly. Cleaning schedule is based on whatever housekeeping has set up within those standards.Normally they are open 24/7 and access is controlled by card reader. If the building is open (some like Smith close early for security reasons), then the room is available through card access. Trinity College of Arts & Science Facilities manages the access/hours. 

If you are a Pratt undergraduate, you may want to reach out to Pratt IT to see if they have any loaner laptops.

Last, the Library has several computers (including several with associated equipment such as scanners) available for any Duke student to use. All machines must be reserved in advance and all are fixed (i.e. not portable laptops). Computers+equipment at Bostock Library are generally reservable anytime Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 11:00pm, and computers+equipment are generally reservable at Lilly Library from 2:00pm to 11:00pm. We also have computing+equipment available the music library. More information and reservations info can be found here: Bookings for each library can also be made directly through the following pages: Microform reader/scanner at Bostock Library, Video viewing station and microform reader/scanner at Lilly Library, Turntables and microform reader/scanner at Music Library.

Also, please let your professors (and your academic dean) know that you are experiencing laptop or connection issues and that you are trying to find a solution.

Sakai and Zoom help

For technical help with Sakai or Zoom, contact the Duke OIT Service Desk at, by email ( or by phone at (919) 684-2200.

You can also access the self-service help documentation for Zoom at and for Sakai at support.

You can also access help documentation for Zoom and help documentation for Sakai.

The ARC (Academic Resource Center) has a helpful intro to Zoom.

School-specific IT organizations

For technical information or support we encourage you to contact your school’s IT leadership.