Asynchronous Learning

If participating in online instruction, your interactions with instructors and peers may take place asynchronously, especially if you are not within a 3-hour time difference from Durham. In the absence of immediate feedback and response, there are a number of strategies useful for building and maintaining a sense of engaged community.

Suggested practices

  • Communicate early and often with your instructors, especially if you have questions about the material, have difficulty finding or accessing course materials, or simply feel unsure how best to engage.
  • Use video or pictures of yourself in Forum posts and online sessions so that other students can see you and know you are engaged.
  • When prompted, engage in the Sakai discussion forums with thoughtful, substantive responses to course readings, your peers’ comments, and to ask/answer questions.
  • Independently, or with the help of your instructor, find ways to engage with your peers. This might include live discussions using Zoom, breakout rooms for smaller group interactions, or taking advantage of the chat function when appropriate.